The Licensing Executives Society in Europe

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How to Join

LES is a professional society for people interested in licensing. The membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines and organisations. It is an important feature of LES that it brings together people from different backgrounds. Hands-on Licensing practitioners, academicians, lawyers and consultants, from industry, university, public bodies and professional firms are all welcome. To become a member of LES it is necessary to join one of the member societies - the society of your country of residence, or a nearby society if your country does not have one. Click here to find a European contact address to apply for membership.

Once a member, you will be entitled to attend any local meeting of any member society. There are also international meetings such as the Pan-European meeting, the Annual International Conference, and meetings organised by special interest groups such as Life Sciences or Automotives. For more information please go to meetings.

You will receive regularly the international LES journal "les Nouvelles" and possibly a newsletter from your local society and you will be sent an international membership directory. There are licensing publications which you can purchase from the national societies and from LES International. At national and international level there are committees which you can join which help with the running of the society, which liaise with public bodies and other professional societies, which research and analyse licensing issues, which produce educational materials and events to promote knowledge of licensing, and which make submissions to legislative bodies and other organisations, such as the European Commission, in relation to licensing matters. As a member you will also have access to the 'members only' section of the LES International web site at

If you have a personal interest in licensing, or if your business livelihood depends on it, you will benefit from membership of the Licensing Executives Society.